Does SATHI work on giving vocational training/education?

No, SATHI does not provide any vocational training or education. In cases, where it is not possible for the child to join regular schools, we advise parents to explore vocational training options locally and give them details of NGOs or institutions providing the same, if known to us.

Do children continue to stay at home after repatriation?

After reuniting the child with its family, we conduct telephonic follow-up for up to 1 year. Our experience and data shows that nearly 85% of the children continue to stay at home. Among them, about 65% children even continue their education. (Please refer the Studies section for more information)

After repatriation, do you provide any support to the child?

Based on the need of the child, we provide small support to the child to continue his or her education. We have also introduced a care-plan process (currently on an experimental basis) wherein we contact resourceful persons around the child such as teachers, Gram Pradhans, CWC members and other local authorities to support the child and address his or her needs.

If any child cannot be repatriated, what do you do?

If a child cannot be reunited with its family within a week to ten days of stay in the shelter, he is referred to a Govt. Children’s Home or any other NGO run institution. In such cases, the efforts to counsel and restore the child are continued by the other institution.

How do you trace the address of the child?

Many methods are used to trace the address of the child. Usually, the children give the name of their village; we then try to connect with the police station nearest to the village. We often use the help of the District Control room to connect to the local police stations. We also use the help of village leaders (Gram Pradhan), schools and other institutions and NGOs to reach the family. In cases where the child is unable to give clear information, we use the internet and social media, staff’s personal contacts and sometimes even take help of children or families reunited earlier.

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