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There are many institutions, NGOs and government bodies supported Sathi to work effectively and help maximum children. The kind help varies from institution to institution and ranges from referring children found on platforms to resettlement of children. We are thankful for their commitment to a social cause.

Name of the institution

Kind of support

RPF, GRP, Railway authorities, Coolies and vendors from all clusters Refer children to Sathi and arrange free travel for parents and children during home placement.
State police in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, West Bengal,  Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh Helps to trace the parents or relatives of children.
Akshaya Patra, Project of ISKON Temple, Bangalore Food for 40 children staying in the shelter on regular basis.
Satyam Foundation Volunteers visit our shelters in Bangalore and Pune, engage them in shelters and take them for one day trips.
Infosys Foundation Volunteers visit our Bangalore shelter and celebrate important days with children.
Azim Premji Foundation Volunteers engage children through recreational activities in Bangalore shelter
Youth for Seva Volunteers for NFE in Bangalore shelter
NIMHANS, Bangalore Organizing training programs for Sathi staff on Psychosocial care for children in difficult situations, life skill education etc.Admit children with special needs for further treatment.
VIMHANS, Lucknow Organized training program for our staff in north cluster
Kripa Foundation, Pune Organized training program for staff and visited camps to teach children on the consequences of substance use.
Al Ana College of Pharmacy, Pune Donated 300 pairs of cloths for children in Pune shelter.
Sarva Seva Sangh, Pune Admit children for education as well as vocational training
Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune Dr. Neeta Hanumande conducts medical chech ups for children in our shelter in Pune and a group of doctors has visited camp and conducted medical check for camp children.
Deepgraha Society, Pune Free medical assistance is provided for children and staff in Pune
Mahatma Gandhi Vidya Mandir Arts and Science College, Manmad Helped us Baseline survey in Manmad. 14 NSS volunteers actively participated along with their two staff coordinators.
Childline, Allahabad Provides shelter for our children
Anugraha and Abhayadama, Bangalore Admit children fro education and skill training
St. Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore Doctors visit our home orientation and mainstreaming camps and interact with children.
Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences, Bangalore Helped us in Mass rescue program and early intervention surveys
CWCs in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Lucknow and Kanpur Organized training programs for Sathi staff, Visited home orientation camps, refer children government children’s home and part of our new initiatives on platforms as well as in the shelters.
Department of women and child development in Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh Supported us to organize CWC award program in Karnataka.Issued letter of permission to work in six CWCs in Uttar Pradesh.

The activities of Sathi are financially supported by 9 donor agencies. It comprises both Indian as well as overseas agencies. We express our sincere gratitude for backing us in resettling large number of separated and run away children. Sathi tried its best to achieve their expectations and our efforts were rewarded by continues support from above said funding agencies in existing places and contributing to expand to new locations and to initiate new interventions.

Name of the organization

Area of support

Amount in Lakhs

Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Mumbai Research, Work with CWC, Strengthening, fellowship, Capacity Building programs for NGOs


Sir Ratan Tata Trust – Small Grant Sathi Film


Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Mumbai Collaboration with NGOs


Everychild,UK Bangalore


Railway Children, UK Hyderabad


Infosys Foundation, Bangalore New Delhi


Deshpande Foundation Hubli


Paul Hamlin Foundation, USA Kanpur, Gorakpur, Mugalsarai and Lucknow


Terres Des Hommes, Luxemburg Pune, Kalyan and Manmad


HSBC, Mumbai Bangalore




Most of the children we rescue can be handled by our experienced staff. There is no need for professional counselors in such cases.However, we do have some tie up of professionals / doctors with whom we consult or refer some cases to.
Most of the professionals have been kind enough to offer help free of cost. But a very few cases get referred to them.

The counselor may require several sessions with the parents and the child. If the child is from out of town then the families are rarely able to follow up the counseling.We have invited the professional counselors to visit our shelter homes. Some of them spend 4-5 hours every week.When the family situation is more complicated then there is more intensive counseling. For instance, if the mother is involved in an extra marital affair and the child feels ‘betrayed’. In such cases the child is not repatriated till proper counseling has been given.

The list of such tie up professionals and counselors are given below:

Sl no. Name of the Counselor / Child Psychiatrist


No of years of exp

Name of the organisation




Child Counselor

10 years




Dr Chitra Khare

Clinical Psychologist

8 years

Professor in Pune college in the dept. of Psychiatry



Dr Sirisha Khare


15 years

own clinic



Dr John K Sagar

Child Psychiatrist

10 years

own clinic



Dr Tanya / Dr.Sekhar Sesadri

Child Psychiatrist

10 years plus