Children’s day celebrated across SATHI locations

14 November – this is a date dedicated to celebration of childhood around the world – a date where organizations like SATHI recommit ourselves to work for the welfare of children. At, SATHI we celebrated the day with children who were away from their families in our shelters and on railway platforms.

In Delhi and Visakhapatnam, this children’s day was special for both parents and children. Family reunion events were organized in the two locations; 37 children were reunited with their parents.

In Varanasi and Yeshwanthapur, the day was celebrated with distribution of sweets and fun activities in the shelters. In Allahabad and Berhampur, a gathering of children and distribution of sweets on the railway platforms. Children from Kanpur’s shelter enjoyed a day out along with the staff at Bithoor, a tourist attraction near the city.

SATHI Patna team celebrated the day with children staying at Rainbow Foundation’s Open Shelter playing games, singing songs and distribution of sweets.