Could a camp change the future of Sanjay?

30 June 2017 More Stories
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Sanjay had spent more than 2 years travelling between various railway stations, addicted to substances and had a strong resistance towards going back to his family.  His parents had also given up hope that Sanjay would return home; instead they feared for his future.    

A child on the platform never grows, it only ages!

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Every year, a hundred thousand children who have run away from home or separated from families end up on many of India's railway stations. Many of them are those who have made impulsive decisions and left home for simple reasons. The decisions can be costly and life altering. Unaccompanied and lost children on railway platforms are easily exposed to various risks of street and platform life including being forced to beg or work, health and injury risks, indulging in substance abuse and different forms of exploitation. They can easily slip into living a deprived life and lose their childhood forever.

A large majority of the children can however be helped. Through early intervention. In the form of rescue, shelter-care and counselling. Not only that, they can even be sent back home - to the love and care of their parents and claim their childhoods again.